An Antardrishti stall is a window of connect. It is an opportunity for you to learn more about our project. You can interact with our volunteers who support the success of the program, and with your purchases, you can also become a part of this project.

All products available at the stall are a connect mechanism from this program. The wax candles, and soaps are manufactured by the differently abled who are employed full-time under the initiative. The products are packaged by the beneficiaries, and often include other complimentary items such as items made of metal/glass that are painted and/or assembled by them.

The packaging of Antardrishti products highlights the message of inclusion. The proceeds generated from the sale of these items are entirely directed towards the welfare activities for the differently abled. Thus, when you gift an Antardrishti product, you can feel product that your contribution has helped create change, inclusion and acceptance in this noble initiative.