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Your unfailing support, consistent motivation & endearing sympathy nonetheless play a crucial role in making this welfare initiative a success. Wholeheartedly & enthusiastically purchase the products made by the handicaps & ensure their Dignified Living.

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Our endeavour at Antardrishti is to bring to you creative and innovative products that are of everyday use, attractive, and manufactured and/or packaged by the beneficiaries of the project.

Every time you gift an Antardrishti Product, you can feel proud of being a part of this noble initiative, and spreading the message to more people.


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What would be your call-to-action for an initiative like Antardrishti? Collaborate? Donate? Volunteer?

We urge you to investigate cause behind a donation. Our approach to social responsibility is collaborative and unique. Connect with us to find out more.


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The program focusses on skills development for the differently abled. Many of the workers in the project are visually handicapped, while a few have motor disabilities.

Under the initiative, vocational training is provided for candle making, soap making, packaging, cookie making, handicrafts and stitching.

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While, many beneficiaries after having undergone training under Antardrishti have decided to seek opportunities in government jobs, or other private enterprises, the uniqueness of the program is extended, as the beneficiaries of the project are provided employment under the same roof as where they are trained.

We try to provide such employment opportunities, so the beneficiaries have a nurtured environment to put into practice their skills based learning, and not have to suffer from joblessness while seeking employment opportunities.

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The seat knowledge of self discovery is provided by the Divine Knowledge, or Brahm Gyan. The inspiration and visionary of this unique initiative, His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, Founder and Head of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, is the living and limitless source of this knowledge.

Through Self Discovery, an Antardrishti beneficiary, even with visual handicap, is able to realise the power that lies within, which enables him to become a motivated individual, desirous of inclusion and social dignity. From being dependent on society, they move towards being contributors to society.

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Earlier we used to regret not knowing anything about light, but with the opening of the Third Eye, we now know that the source of light, the Sun is within us, and we have seen and experienced him. The capacity of the Third Eye to visualize and experience Light is infinite, whereas that capacity is limited with the external eyes.

Vijay Prajapati

We are happy with the progress that we are making in the secular/spiritual fronts. Before joining Antardrishti, our life was directionless and destination less. We did not have any protection in life. Now we are being cared for. We no more lead a life full of anxieties.

Ajay Thakur

To me, Antardrishti is not a place of work, a factory, but it is my family and home.


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