Deepawali 2019

During the festive season of Deepawali, Team Antardrishti connects with you to celebrate the spirit of the season through products made and packaged by the differently abled. While the beneficiaries under the project are employed full-time 365 days of the year, Deepawali is the season we celebrate with candles in India. As spoken by an enlightened spirit, “Although we cannot see, our products help bring light into your homes. Shubh Deepawali.”


For 2012 Diwali, Team Antardrishti has decided to up the level of creativity with hand-painted diyas. Workers with vision impairment

Diwali 2011

Antardrishti Products have seen a rise in popularity across the corporate and hospitality sectors. Through initial days and volunteer support,


Most people feel that threading a needle requires a trained eye with perfect vision. However, we at Antardrishti feel it

Your unfailing support, consistent motivation & endearing sympathy nonetheless play a crucial role in making this welfare initiative a success.

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