We Bring Light into Your Homes

At Antardrishti, we invite you to walk with us, on an inspirational journey of empowerment and dignity.

Many of us in the team are visually impaired, but we lead a dignified life of pride when we work for a living, to not only provide for ourselves, but also our families. Our products light up dark corners in your homes, and our inspiration enlightens dark corners in your mind.


To look within and draw inspiration from the inner world; it is our life-sustaining force, both secular and spiritual.

Vijay Prajapati

To me, Antardrishti is not a place of work, a factory, but it is my family and home.


Antardrishti is an institution to provide employment opportunities to the physically challenged, besides the invaluable spiritual knowledge. From my personal perspective the future of children is linked to this project. I maintain my family with the monetary compensation that I get here.

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Antardrishti Products Shine Bright

Antardrishti Products are highly appreciated by customers for their exceptional designing and good quality. They are made by differently abled people, but while making a purchase decision at the stall, the customer is dumbfounded.


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Give them a chance, and they will create flames that will brighten the world around you. Candles by Antardrishti are proof and example.