A model of acceptance, a step towards total inclusion

Our Mission and Values

Antardrishti is a project that aims to motivate mainstream acceptance and opportunity for Differently-abled Individuals all over the World. We endeavour to remove dependence of individuals, so society is compassionate and provides for inclusive growth and development of all individuals, especially those limited by handicap.

Full-time employment

Progress starts when a beneficiary pulls out of the state of dependence and starts earning. We provide all the year round full-time employment, in an exclusive factory environment. All factory workers are differently abled, and are provided meaningful jobs where they are able to overcome the boundaries of physical limitations and earn their livelihood.

Most of our beneficiaries are visually impaired, while some have other disabilities like hearing or motor function disabilities. We endeavour to provide suitable work ergonomics, and skill development, so they are able to learn and perform in the real world. Factory activities are supported with a spiritual reinforcement, and social mainstream structure. We encourage and support beneficiaries to live independently and face challenges of the world, rather than lead a sheltered or dependent lifestyle.

We believe that it is the handicap of our own human mind, that neglects the inclusive need of differently-abled individuals, reducing them to a state of dependence, primarily driven by our own rush to accomplish selfish worldly pursuits.

In effect, we must realise the need of our fellow citizens of earth, their desire for a dignified life. We must take a step back to introspect, and include them in our growth story, for a holistic future of peace and empowerment.

Buy and Serve

The beneficiaries are involved in production activities, making goods of daily use. Since the project is not-for-profit, we are able to direct the proceeds generated from the sale of products entirely towards production, benefit and upliftment of differently-abled beneficiaries (or Divyangjans).

When you buy Antardrishti products, you directly promote the spirit of dignity, as it generates employment for differently abled workers. The products are manufactured and/or packaged by the beneficiaries, and they receive salaries for the work they perform.

We encourage you to investigate the end meaning of a donation given to a needy person. We understand helping someone in need by offering them monetary support feels like a noble cause. However, we are often not sure if our support is used by them for the intended purpose. We have noted that beggars continue to live a life of dependence, asking for support to eat or for education of the young, or medical aid for the ailing. Even with support they have received, they do not make an effort to become independent.

When you gift an Antardrishti product, you communicate a social message to people. The packaging of our products carries a message encouraging people to stop offering alms blindly, and provide people with opportunity to live a meaningful and dignified life.

Nature of Activities and Products

We manufacture a range of products for every day use and gifting purposes. Candles of various shapes, colours and fragrances are manufactured and packaged with complimentary items of decoration. We comply with leading environmental standards, so our products are a pleasure to use. Our handmade soaps are made from the best ingredients and are available in a variety of fragrances and shapes. Our workers are also trained to work on sewing machines and manufacturing packaging for the products.

Your unfailing support, consistent motivation & endearing sympathy nonetheless play a crucial role in making this welfare initiative a success. Wholeheartedly & enthusiastically purchase the products made by the handicaps & ensure their Dignified Living.