Once we decided to make candles, our next step would be to get a place to work. With a limited budget in hand, we looked for a place near the Pitampura Ashram, so it would be convenient for all of us to reach. Although this was the start of difficulties, we were ready to struggle.

Finding a place wasn’t easy, especially since we had decided we are not looking for sympathy from landlords. We searched for an empathetic one, who would understand the vision of our project, and co-operate. We felt such vibrations would be imperative towards our success.

It has taken us 27 days in the search to find a suitable premises for us to begin work. We would be based out of Mongolpuri. The premises is easily accessible from the road, and all workers can reach the place independently by bus and on foot. Encouraging them to live independently outside of destitute homes and hostels is a first step towards setting the model for this unique project.

This Deepawali, Join Hands

Spread Light

Our candles are made with environment friendly fine waxes, that provide long burning time, low smoke and blended with fragrant perfumes and scents. Every candle will light up the ambience in your homes. Every gift is specially packaged, and carries a noble message of inclusion and dignity. Join hands, buy and serve.