The name and logo for our project would have to be decided based on the values of our group, and what we had set forth to achieve. It will have to signify our internal strength, our vision and what we are capable of achieving.

One of the common aspects of the entire team was that all of us had visually disability. Although, some of us had been unfortunate in life, with our ability to see being taken away during lifetime, there were others who had never known what sight is, and how beautiful it is to see the outside world. Those among us, who had lost their vision during lifetime, have no hope that we will ever see the outside world again. Our life is perpetually doomed to be in darkness.

However, with the knowledge of Brahm Gyan, each one of us had experienced the inner world. We have been blessed with visions from the divine eye, which is present in the center of the brain, and hidden behind the center of the two eyes. This divine eye has been the seat of awakening, the foundation of religion through the history of time itself. And with the grace of our divine master, His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, our third eye was awakened, which enabled to us look within ourselves and experience the cosmic reality.

What we have seen within ourselves, has motivated us to leave behind depressive thoughts, and strive for independent living and dignified earning. We want to learn and develop new skills that can be of use to society through products and services, and we want to take this message to other people in the world, that despite suffering from physical handicaps, we are equally capable of being a part of ordinary society and do not seek the support and sympathy of others.

Hence the name “Antardrishti” was proposed. And what could have been a better name, which clearly only means, “The Inner Vision”, which has been the driving force behind our endeavor. The logo thus created shows the lack of facial eyes, but the presence of a divine eye, in the center of the forehead, which is open and awakened.

We approached our Master Gurudev, His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, and shared our plans. Not only was he elated to know about our plans to create Antardrishti, he blessed us with encouragement saying that this model will reveal the power of Brahm Gyan in times to come. And he said that he would like this project to be a signature of His vision to establish peace on earth with this divine knowledge. Thus the line “Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji’s Vision” was added to the head of our project’s name, “Antardrishti”.

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