The festival of lights was fast approaching. And what could have been a better time to sell our candles in the market. We are determined to spread the message of independence and individual solidarity through Brahm Gyan in a unique format to the world.

Our candles are made by hand, by workers who are visually impaired. The production system used enables visually impaired workers to be able to feel their work with fingertips and manufacture products.

At the start of the season itself, the team has expanded to 12 workers. At the beginning of the line, a few of them wax the wicks that will be part of the candles, while another two more line up glasses into which wax will be poured. The candles will be sold as glass candles in different kinds of packaging which will be done at the end of the line.

A sightless worker deftly pours hot wax into the glasses from a tea kettle after feeling the tip of the glass with his fingertips. The wax is molten when poured into the glasses. After the glasses have cooled down, they are collected and cleaned before being packaged in clear packaging.

Colored wax makes the packaging attractive and the fragrant aroma when these burn, constantly remind you of the work that has gone in to their production, and makes them special.

This Deepawali, Join Hands

Spread Light

Our candles are made with environment friendly fine waxes, that provide long burning time, low smoke and blended with fragrant perfumes and scents. Every candle will light up the ambience in your homes. Every gift is specially packaged, and carries a noble message of inclusion and dignity. Join hands, buy and serve.