Our team has grown to 15 people in size. By the grace of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, we have managed a good season during Deepawali. And we are now determined to go on further. With His grace, we have moved to a larger location in the industrial area of Peeragarhi. Although our operations will be restricted to one floor of the premises, we feel blessed to have moved towards an organized environment where we are sure we will be able to achieve even better results with our hard work.

This Deepawali, Join Hands

Spread Light

Our candles are made with environment friendly fine waxes, that provide long burning time, low smoke and blended with fragrant perfumes and scents. Every candle will light up the ambience in your homes. Every gift is specially packaged, and carries a noble message of inclusion and dignity. Join hands, buy and serve.