Team Antardrishti presented an orchestra of differently abled people who practiced music and dance in addition to the production activities at the factory. This Diwali, the lights in the diyas will be singing a different tune altogether.

At the Shringar Bhawan in Pragati Maidan, the members of the first all-blind band presented heart-warming devotional songs at the youth workshop by YPSS called SAM – Self Assessment and Management. This unique musical presentation was attended by thousands in the audience who watched in awe the mastery of differently abled workers from Antardrishti perform on musical instruments and dedicate songs in praise of the Almighty.

The entire auditorium lit candles made by Team Antardrishti and contributed to aura of the mesmerizing evening which was also attended by stand-up comedian Deepak Raja and Indipop music celebrity Jasbir Jassi.

This Deepawali, Join Hands

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