The promising demand of the Diwali Season has enabled us to increase our team strength to 25 workers now. We have begun to explore options for manufacturing other products to compliment our range. And we have chosen to manufacture soaps.

We use soap every day, and we believe that Antardrishti soaps will be special for you. They will be manufactured by hand, and die-cast into attractive shapes and fragrances. We have decided that we will use natural glycerine base which keeps the soap soft, nature friendly and soothes the skin. Different fragrances such as Lemon, Aloe Vera, Tulsi and Sandalwood make the soap attractive and appeal to a large variety among buyers.

Each soap is carefully packaged by hands of differently abled people, and carries the message of awakening, independence and personal dignity through Brahm Gyan to ordinary mainstream society. It is a call out of the differently abled, who are raising their voice to say they are a part of mainstream society and equally capable as any other towards contributing to production in the economy.