The dignity of earning is one of the basic steps to independence and mainstreaming. In the competitive world, employability skills are necessary for getting, keeping and being successful in a job.

Antardrishti is a unique project of its kind. Not only does it provide the mainstream life-skills that are needed to support the dignity of a differently-abled individual, it provides skills for employability as well the last mile of employment opportunity within its own system.

As a step towards increasing the output of the economy, skill development has become a major agenda for industry and the government. In that wake, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) organises the Global Skills Summit. The association recognises that Skills Development is an important imperative towards achieving India’s ambitious growth targets. It is committed to working with stakeholders, especially the industry, government and academia to create sustainable and skills propositions which will benefit the youth of the country from all sections of society.

Among the listed aspects of Skill Development discussed at the forum were:

  • Invigorating deliberation on skill development policy framework for new age skills,
  • Showcasing global and national innovations, best practices and lessons learnt,
  • Platform for national and international collaborations and partnerships, platform for networking and interactions with leaders from industry and government.

Along with this agenda, comes the scope of inclusion for the differently abled. And keeping in line with this view, Antardrishti participated in 5th Global Skills Summit organised by FICCI at the FICCI Auditorium in Delhi.

The event invited participation from the industry, for inclusive development of workforces, and the Antardrishti project stood as an example of self-sufficient growth, supporting such initiatives that look after holistic well-being and progress of the differently abled.